Capability Building

We can help you crank up your innovation capability; improving the efficacy and efficiency of your whole innovation engine across the board, not just for one project.

The fundamentals of effective innovation are really just about a few things:

+ Make more and better connections,
+ focus on the value, and
+ lead a motivated, lined-up workforce.

How you achieve this is through engaging a combination of gears that can be used to crank up your organization’s capability.  The well known SPROC model allows us to manage this process.

Generally, it’s not a good idea to engage all the gears at once (for there lies confusion, chaos and anarchy!) and so the first task is to decide which to engage to start off, i.e. which gear or gears will have the most impact.  In this way the first changes made are relatively narrow (therefore, less disruptive) but have high impact.  Subsequent rounds of improvement can have more gears engaged with less torque.

This process keeps up the pace of improvement while managing the disruption on the organization to a minimum.  As this planning process is so critical to the success of the overall change program, we initiate this process through an assessment phase, using our Innovation Maturity Model to assess where you are now and the relative gearing of each of the SPROC components.  The resulting Improvement Process Map defines where you are now; where you need to be and a series of steps to take to get there.

Companies draw on us for support in  a variety of ways:

  • Support in an organizational audit, recommendation and change program
  • Participation in Innovation  “steering committees”
  • Workshops and seminars on part or all of the disciple of front end innovation
  • Ad-hoc mentoring and advice

Engagements can range from long, low burn (e.g. 3 days a month for a year) to short and intense (e.g. a 3 day  custom workshop) to full on (e.g.  four months designing and driving a change program)