Case Study

Innovation MasterClass for Pure Insight (UK)

Pure Insight were looking to broaden their portfolio of Masterclass offerings around the front end of innovation, already having well renowned speakers in areas such as Product Stage Gate (Cooper) and Technology Scouting (Jay Paap).

Wanting to cover all aspects of the front end of innovation, but at the same time recognizing that every participant will undoubtedly have different needs, gaps, desires and perspectives, I designed a two day session in which the final half day was an open clinic, in which separate one on one consultations could take place with both the speaker and with some additional subject matter experts who we bought in just for that session.

The main workshop covered an A-Z of the front end, from the practical tools and processes, such as unmet needs discovery, creativity and idea selection to the culture and management of innovation.

While delegates ranked the main content sessions very highly, several called out the “clinic” session as being particularly valuable to them.