Case Study

Innovation Workshop for water utilities company

The Executive team of this multi-division. major supplier of hardware for water utilities (pipes, hydrants , pumps, meters, etc) needed to build a multi-disciplinary team to hunt for new opportunities to innovate higher value proposition products in this quite traditional, but changing, industry and asked us to facilitate a workshop to initiate this process.

We worked with the executive team to design and execute a 2 day ideation workshop:

  1. Interviewed key stakeholders and knowledge holders around the company
  2. Generated stimuli by running  technology ideation sessions, using external technical experts (e.g. in sensors, communications, fluid dynamics, etc.)
  3. Two day off site workshop with a diverse team (sales, service, R&D, marketing, strategy and customers), using a range of divergent ideation techniques to draw out and blend technology, market and business knowledge and then converge to generate a value weighted list of product concepts.

In addition to the primary intent of forming the team with a common sense of purpose and shared knowledge platform, and kicking off a high powered innovation activity, the excercise generated a number of specific outcomes including:

  • Some immediately actionable hidden gems” (i.e. ideas that had been under-appreciated)
  • Some areas of core technology which needed investment and deeper understanding
  • Some specific novel product concepts, with actions to test against the market and explore technical feasibility