Case Study

Finding high growth energy opportunities for a fine chemicals producer

Our client had a small, but successful niche business in energy storage and wanted to know if they could grow this to a size comparable with their various core business and, if so, in what area.  We designed a three stage program to answer this question and identify candidate targets for technology acquisition.

We recruited a small specialist consulting firm in the area of energy storage for their deep technical knowledge and integrated their exoert input into the program, and then built upon this with other groups.

In the first stage, we identified all the potential growth areas in energy storage and the underlying technologies that would enable them and mapped this back to the client’s own strategy and capabilities to identify candidate fits.

In the second stage, we quantified the potential size, growth rates and timelines of each candidate area though secondary and primary research and fed this into a prioritization workshop with the client’s team.

In the final stage, we identified and characterized candidate technology sources that the client could consider for future activity.