Innovation Framework Workshop @ FEI 2013

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It is my pleasure to have accepted an invitation to again deliver the pre-conference all-day workshop Innovation Frameworks – “The primer to end all primers!” at the FEI 2013 event in Boston, May 6-8.

For those who are not initiated, this workshop is whistle-stop tour around all aspects of the Front End of Innovation, covering

  • Doing Innovation – everything from insightful needs discovery to better ideation to technology development to creating a winning concept.
  • Managing Innovation - everything from strategic linking to successful organizations to innovator profiles and building better teams to the ever-elusive (we’ll try to show you how to make it not so) culture.

a.k.a. “drinking from a firehose”!

If you’re thinking of attending, please Contact me for my personal affiliate’s discount code. I hope to see you there!