Geoff is a top notch business consultant and a true “heavyweight” in the field of innovation management. Invariably the proposals were very well crafted to meet our needs and the results were excellent. Geoff’s huge list of contacts also came in handy on a few specific technology related issues.  I had the opportunity to work with Geoff on a number of consulting engagements between 2000 and 2010.

Geoff has a unique ability to drive both a creative and streamlined process to new product development efforts, insuring timely market introduction with globally competitive technologies

He is a consummate professional consultant. He understands the key issues in technology based business consulting. With his team he led consulting efforts to turnaround a new product development program by providing clear definition of the given market channel and opportunities within that channel.  Geoff and I have known each other professionally for ten years.

Geoff brought great insight and energy to every engagement and his work product was highly useful and influential with senior leadership. Geoff was terrific to work with and I recommend him with great enthusiasm.  I had the pleasure of working with Geoff on several projects.

Geoff has brought diverse creativity to each of our collaborations and helped us find innovation strategies in challenging market conditions. He is always upbeat and open to exploring a new rabbit hole with our team. His spirit and desire to find the unfound made all of us brighter and more successful.

[Geoff's...] background in new product development and innovation are exceptional and vast. I’ve been lucky to have been able to tap into his experience and network to help me on several programs and this in turn has enabled me to advance the value and impact that innovation consultants can bring to an organization. He is truly a seasoned and skilled innovation-ist