Network Node

Cambridge (UK) Technology Cluster

Access to world class scientific capability, technology development, product development and system and manufacturing engineering.

Cambridge, UK is well known for its academic heritage: Newton, Watson & Crick, Rutherford, Maxwell, Darwin…..and only slightly less well known is its modern incarnation as one of Europe’s premier technology hubs. Alongside, and underpinning, this hub is a thriving innovation support function with dozens of companies, ranging from large labs of hundreds of people, like Cambridge Consultants, to five people companies specializing in narrow niches. Some are tightly coupled with the university and others practically not at all.

Capabilities cover almost every technical and engineering discipline, for example ranging from industrial design to materials science to photonics to sensors to medical devices to radio to algorithms to inclusive design and usability.  Both technology delivery and advisory firms exist; in addition to the many lab-based, there are world-class technology road-mapping and strategy capabilities here.

Within the Cambridge area , there are both formal and informal networks to facilitate tapping into these organizations, but getting to know them and understand the real differentiators between them requires intimate knowledge and/or a serious investment of time and money to get to know them.

Having worked in and around this community for over 25 years, our network and knowledge of these companies is excellent.  We have formal or informal links into many of these companies from the top tier, to second tier and new and growing companies.  In addition, there is a healthy alumni network of consultants, scientists and engineers who have worked for these companies in the past and are now available as freelancers.

As a place to get sophisticated technical work done, the area is unsurpassed.