Network Node

Boston / Cambridge (US) Innovators

Access to a peer network of leading edge innovation thinking and educational and venturing resources, as well a myriad of innovation support functions.

Being home to some 50 plus universities, including eight research universities and of course global leaders such as MIT and Harvard, it is not surprising that the Greater Boston area is alive with innovative activity.  There is also a well established and vibrant venture capital and private equity community.

Quite naturally, Boston was home to the grandfathers of the technical and management consulting industry, the original Arthur D. Little founded in 1909.  The legacy of this firm is to have left behind a rich cadre of innovation management talent, from innovation-oriented business schools such as Hult, Babson and Northeastern to a plethora of freelance and small firm innovation consultants, each with a different core strength and role in the innovation eco-system.

In the greater Boston are we can pull in resources with leading edge capabilities in multiple aspects of innovation, including:

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Creative thinking
  • Technical problem solving (e.g. TRIZ)
  • Innovation software (ideation, idea management, open / network innovation)
  • Technology Strategy
  • IP analysis
  • Technology scouting
  • En/Intrapenurial innovation
  • Innovation training & culture
  • Open Innovation

While we might take on any and all of these activities ourselves, we recognize the need to bring in fresh minds and thinking.  The point of the richness of the area is not that there are VoC firms, for example, but that there are VoC firms who specialize in services only, or another who specialize just in on-line research, and picking the right match for each project is key.  We are connected to many of these companies and individuals (and expanding the network) and understand their operational strengths and cultural fit.