Why use us?

Our untethered approach will deliver you a better outcome, without compromise, with more control, better tuned to your needs and more fully integrated into your business

  • Our one aim is get you to the best possible solution; we are not blinkered by proprietary techniques or restrained by the “utilization”  mantra of traditional consulting firms.
  • We have a well established framework for both specific innovation projects and innovation capability enhancement.  We use frameworks (not processes) to allow us the flexibility to design the customized approach, right for you.
  • Our frameworks have been refined and validated in numerous “innovation-literate” companies and professional organizations.
  • We are highly experienced at FEI projects, having designed and executed many projects for clients in a variety of industries
  • We have a network of independent providers covering the whole gamut of innovation, from strategy to unmet needs discovery to R&D to training to organizational change and culture, including other independent “innovation general contractors” like ourselves.

You do have other choices:

Recruit an expert “Chief Innovation Officer” or similar and have them do it?
  • Finding the right person is expensive and takes time
  • Once on board, they will take time to ramp up
  • No matter how hard you try, they will have corporate and other distractions and agendas
  • Can you keep them profitably occupied all the time – every day, now and in the future?
Hire an innovation consulting firm to undertake the whole project?
  • Consulting firrns struggle to be both broad AND deep in all aspects of innovation.
  • You’ll be locked into their proprietary approach.
  • It will be expensive

As an Innovation Lead Contractor, we pick the right approaches for your company’s place and time, selecting from all the tools available, and then engage the right expert resources (and/or train your own)  for each aspect of the project.  This approach allows us to be both broad AND deep.