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Plug and play Innovation Management, Technology Road-Mapping and Strategy

Design an
Innovation Project

You need to run a full Front End of Innovation (FEI) project to feed your New Product Development pipeline.
You need someone to make it happen, plan and manage - from needs and opportunity discovery to technology to ideation to concept definition.

Resource an
Innovation Project

You have an innovation or technology foresight / strategy project running, and you need support to make it happen effectively and efficiently.
You need to add resources or outsource tasks to someone that already knows how to do what you need.

Build your
Innovation Capability

You know that your organization is not being as innovative as it could and needs to be.
You need help to figure out which parts of the innovation eco-system need improving and then to make that happen.

Geoff has brought diverse creativity to each of our collaborations and helped us find innovation strategies in challenging market conditions. He is always upbeat and open to exploring a new rabbit hole with our team. His spirit and desire to find the unfound made all of us brighter and more successful.

Klaus Fink, Director – Research, Innovation, Design and Engineering at Therma Tru